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Virtual School Glass Workshop

On the 7th December the Virtual School held a glass workshop event for young people who have a keen interest in art and the art industry.

At the start of the session, our group had a studio tour and were given tips on how to design a working glass clock. The group’s designs were inspired by themes such as physics, space, Harry Potter, the seasons and even patterns inspired by the maths inspiration event in Birmingham we attended on the 12th November.

To create their pieces our young people had to pay attention to detail, concentrate immensely and use their fine motor skills to add the fine crushed glass to their planned designs.

The day was a very therapeutic and calming experience. Our young people created such detailed and brilliant pieces of art!  It has been suggested that mindfulness activities like this bring lots of benefits that can help to lower stress levels and anxiety and help to improve mental clarity. Aby and Kerry (Virtual School Youth Workers) were really pleased with what had been achieved and even more so with the creative flair and talent they all showed.

The event gave the group the opportunity to try something new and to ask questions, such as where the crushed glass is from, the cost of the glass, and about using the kiln to fire the glass.

We also had time to discuss school and asked them some questions:

What helped them to settle in to a new school?

  • Having a teacher to go to and meeting that teacher before they started
  • Sometimes having support in class
  • Having a timetable before starting at the school
  • Having a tour of school
  • Meeting a friend/another student to support them at school
  • Having a friend in class

What makes a good teacher?

  • A teacher that is calm and doesn’t shout
  • Gives you praise
  • Listens to you

Are there any tricky times in the day at school?

  • Being rushed during changing times at PE
  • Lunchtimes and queues and waiting
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