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Professional Resources

Information for Parish councils and communities

We've gathered Environment and Transport information which we think parish councils and communities will find useful.


Latest Environment and Transport Director update

LRALC May Presentation  Opens new window

For more information see the videos linked below.

Departmental update (COVID-19)

See: Affected council services page on Leicestershire County Council website

Passenger Transport Policy and Stratagy reveiw update

Passenger Tranport

Can Your Waste Wait?

See: Update on the new campaign for Waste and Recycling Services

Waste site re-opening flyer   Opens new window

Environment and Transport newsletter

Apply now – Boost for Biodiversity Grants 

  • Severn Trent Water have made available £200,000 of funding for projects that will improve the biodiversity in the Severn Trent region.
  • Projects to reduce impact on poor water quality would be welcomed such as introducing biodiverse grassland & woodland buffers next to rivers and water courses, managing overhanging branches to increase light into the water, clearing litter from water courses, removing invasive species. For more information see Information on invasive weeds removal. Information on the protected species and areas of importance such as sites of special scientific interest or local wildlife sites can be obtained through Leicestershire & Rutland Environmental Records centre via your local Neighbourhood Plan or via application from the Parish Council. For more details of whether your project is helping to mitigate problems in the water course and help to meet the UK’s commitment to the European Union Water Framework Directive see Water bodies classification search.
  • Completed applications forms must be submitted by 5pm on 12th June 2020.
  • The details of eligibility can be found in the Terms and Conditions.

B4B application form  Opens new window

B4B terms and conditions  Opens new window

County Council wildflower scheme to bloom

Information and guidance

Roadworks monthly update

Blaby district  Opens new window

Charnwood district  Opens new window

Harborough district  Opens new window

Hinckley and Bosworth district  Opens new window

Melton district  Opens new window

North West Leicestershire district  Opens new window

Oadby and Wigston district  Opens new window

For the most up to date information on roadworks, use service

Improving the Network

Highways on a page

Available soon.

Road safety measures scheme costs

Road safety measures  Opens new window

Process for undertaking your own improvements

Guidelines for third party funding of highways schemes  Opens new window

Parish clerks Presentations

January 2020

Environment and Transport update  Opens new window

Tree management presentation  Opens new window

September 2019

Environment and Transport update Opens new window

Events and training

Presentations from workshops and training we've run recently.


Traffic management workshop presentation - January 2020  Opens new window

Planning workshop - available soon


Biodiversity training - available soon

Events planning

Event Planning - if you're planning an event, contact Please give us 12 weeks' notice.

Information of future planned events 

Event planning for the future  Opens new window

Discussion board

If you have any questions relating to highways, transport and the environment, please email:  

Answers to any questions raised will be published here.

Useful links

Environment and transport committee reports - roadworks information

Report a road problem - including blocked drains and overgrown hedges.


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