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Professional Resources

Information for parish councils and communities

We've gathered environmental and transport related information which we think parish councils and communities will find useful.

Highways’ community fund application form closing 30 September 2020

Community and parish funding allocations  Opens new window

Community and parish application process 

Options to support social distancing and active travel 

Application for highways and parish and community funding 

News and updates

Snow Warden Scheme

Calling for volunteers (training/equipment provided)


Snow warden scheme guidance  Opens new window

All 14 county waste sites back in business

All 14 county waste sites back in business - press release 

Bus shelter cleaning in your area/village

We have recently received funding from the Department for Transport in response to the Coronavirus pandemic to support local transport and its passengers.

This grant is to ensure consistency of messaging around planning journeys, communicating the need for face coverings to be worn and communicating the importance of maintaining social distancing.

Local authorities have been urged to display posters at bus shelters as part of the Safe Transport communications campaign. As part of the local bus recovery programme, we have commissioned an additional cleaning cycle on all bus shelters we are responsible for.

We are offering you the same for the bus shelter(s) in your area or village that you may have responsibility for. This means that the bus shelter(s) in your area or village could be cleaned (one time only) by our third-party contractor and they will display a guidance for passengers poster. The third-party contactor will wash the shelter (excluding the roof), seating and surrounding area with water and bio-degradable detergent inside and out, followed by rinsing with clean water and applying disinfectant. There won't be a charge for cleaning or displaying the poster, as this will be covered by the grant we have received.

Please note, this funding cannot be redistributed or used for anything other than for this purpose.

If you don't want the bus shelter(s) in your area or village to be cleaned or for a poster to be displayed, please email no later than Wednesday 26 August 2020. If we don't receive any communication from you, the bus shelter(s) will be cleaned over the coming weeks and a poster will be displayed.

Travelling back to school

In preparation for the schools fully reopening after the summer holiday period, we are taking a proactive approach and will be launching a Covid-19 Back to School communications programme. The intention is that this will be a proactive communication programme that provides schools, parents, pupils and communities with the relevant information they need to help with the return to school and where they can find further information on how we can support on school transport related matters.

The programme will include a series of themed press communications, dedicated information and promotional pages on our website, including roles and responsibilities, as well as information notices and signing outside schools. A series of responses to frequently asked questions on these themes will also be provided. We will be placing educational signs at all school locations within Leicestershire, this will be done automatically and doesn't need to be requested. 

We already deliver a wide range of active travel interventions that help to prevent increases in school gate parking. We will continue to work with schools and partners to deliver and promote these interventions, as well as launch a number of new initiatives which include the Covid-19 Back to School communications programme that will signpost and promote parents, pupils and schools to the many options and tools available to them to support the return school and mitigate the impacts.

FAQ’s on School Transport

Pop-up cycling and walking lanes 

Pop-up cycling lanes and widened pavements are being installed across Leicester and Leicestershire in response to the coronavirus restrictions. They will enable people to get around the city and county, whilst protecting public transport for key workers, and will support local businesses as lockdown restrictions are gradually eased.

Find out the details of the current pop-up walking and cycling lanes on the Choose How You Move website.

Update on HS2 from a Leicestershire perspective

Leicestershire HS2 update  Opens new window

Street lighting columns and structural testing

See our frequently asked questions and a copy of the Licence Application Pack for attaching decorations and hanging baskets etc. for lamp posts:

Lamp post licence FAQ  Opens new window

Guidance notes for attachments   Opens new window

Non-destructive testing companies  Opens new window

SHIRE Environment Grant 2020/21

We are offering grants of up to £3,000 for projects to reduce carbon and improve biodiversity. For more information see: Information, guidance and application forms.

Environment and Transport newsletter

Information and guidance

Roadworks weekly update





North West Leics 

Oadby and Wigston  Opens new window


View information about biodiversity for parishes and communities.

Public rights of way

View information on public rights of way for parishes and communities.

Improving the Network

Highways on a page

Available soon.

Road safety measures scheme costs

Road safety measures  Opens new window

Process for undertaking your own improvements

Guidelines for third party funding of highways schemes  Opens new window

Parish clerks presentations

May 2020

LRALC May presentation  Opens new window

For more information view the videos below:

January 2020

Environment and Transport update  Opens new window

Tree management presentation  Opens new window

September 2019

Environment and Transport update Opens new window

Events and training

Presentations from workshops and training we've run recently.


Traffic management workshop presentation - January 2020  Opens new window

Planning workshop - available soon


New biodiversity training sessions available. This training offers you the opportunity to engage with experts about the approach to biodiversity within your parish

Course 1: 21, 28 August and 4 September (10am-11am)
Course 2: 25 September, 2 and 9 October (10am-11am)
Course 3: 16, 23 and 30 October (10am-11am)

The training is split into 3 modules - you must be available on all 3 mornings during the times shown.

Email: for bookings

Watch video for a previous biodiversity training session held on 10 July 2020.

Password: 9D*$043b

Events planning

If you're planning an event, contact Please give us 12 weeks notice. 

Discussion board

If you have any questions relating to highways, transport and the environment, please email:  

Answers to any questions raised will be published here.

Useful links

Environment and transport committee reports - roadworks information

Report a road problem - including blocked drains and overgrown hedges.


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