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Our role in the planning process

Our role as the Local Highway Authority in the planning process is as a statutory consultee. This means that Local Planning Authorities (LPAs)(district/borough councils and the county council) consult with us on planning applications where they consider that there will be an impact on the local highway network.

In 2020/21 we responded to over 3,000 consultations on planning applications.

Our Highway Development Management team provide advice to the LPAs. This can include advising conditions to be included on Decision Notices, advising contributions are sought for highway infrastructure, or advice of refusal. The LPAs, in reaching their decision on planning applications, will consider this advice, along with responses from other statutory consultees e.g. parishes, and any other representations.

Our advice is based on factual evidence, and takes into account the latest policy and guidance including the National Planning Policy Framework and the Leicestershire Highway Design Guide.

Flooding – Who does what

We are the Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) which covers:

  • investigating reported flooding occurrences (mainly where properties have been flooded internally) after the event in priority of the flooding impact
  • being the statutory consultee for Major Planning Applications
  • issueing consents for works on watercourses and can enforce to ensure flow is maintained in the watercourse (under the Land Drainage Act)
  • having a responsibility for strategic flood risk management planning (co-ordination role with other risk management authorities)

Other responsibilities are held by:

  • Land Owners – the owner of the land or property next to or over a river, stream, ditch or piped flow of water (culvert) that forms part of a watercourse, is legally termed a ‘riparian landowner’ of that section of the watercourse
  • The Environment Agency – manages the risk of flooding from main rivers, reservoirs, estuaries and the sea, as well as being a coastal erosion risk management authority
  • Highway authorities (LCC) – are responsible for highway drainage. We are the highways authority for Leicestershire Water and sewerage companies
  • Water and Sewerage companies – are responsible for managing the risks of flooding from water and foul or combined sewer systems (Severn Trent Water and Anglian Water in Leicestershire)

More information about flooding and who to contact can be found at Flood Risk Know What to Do and Be Aware - Flooding.

Public rights of way

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