Spring 2023 COVID 19 booster campaign

Previous vaccination campaigns have identified increased risk of vaccine incidents in care home settings.

This guidance is provided to support safe vaccination practices in addition to or in place of existing processes or guidance. There is no requirement for you to use these forms.

Care homes checklist

The Care Homes Checklist is designed for use by care home staff and vaccination teams and provides a checklist to support planning, the vaccination process and post-vaccine. It is designed to include planning for areas known to increase risk of incidents occurring, such as IT provision and staff training, and should help support and enhance existing processes. It can be downloaded and printed, used electronically or virtually or adapted to suit local processes as necessary. 

Clinical screening form

The clinical screening form enables care home staff to pre-screen patients to ensure you can accurately plan for arrival, in particular identifying where a single vaccine could be used or where a second vaccine will be required (such as where there were a larger number of younger patients). The design is based on the point of care systems and is editable for local processes, as necessary.

Care home consent form

The Care Home Consent form is an editable version of the existing nationally produced documents. It is designed to support systems based on questions received relating to vaccine consent processes, in particular where capacity is lacking or fluctuating.