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FEEE information for providers

Tools and information to help providers administer FEEE successfully, including 30 hours extended FEEE.

FEEE Guidance and Policies

Citizen and Provider Portals unavailable

Due to essential system maintenance, there will be disruption to the availability of the Citizen and Provider Portals from:

  • 5pm on Friday 14 December to 7.30am on Monday 17 December 2018

We’re sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

If you are a parent/carer and want to find out more about the funding for 2-year olds and whether you are entitled to it, please visit the Family Information Service for more information.

FEEE guidance

Below are the local guidelines for the delivery of the 2, 3 and 4 year old funding as well as relevant headcount and payment calendars.

Leicestershire's local guidance for the administration of FEEE 2018     Opens new window

FEEE payments

FEEE funding payment dates 2019   

FEEE stretched offer guidance   

Example yearly PSOU form    Opens new windowOpens new window

Disability Access Funding (DAF)

Please also read our FEEE Frequently Asked Questions.

Change of circumstance

If you have a change of circumstance relating to your business it may affect your access to the funding and it is important that you make the local authority aware as soon as possible. You do not need to complete all aspects of the form - only the sections relating to your circumstances.

Where a change of bank details has taken place we will require some evidence of the bank details i.e. a paying in slip or a blank voided cheque. The bank account name must reflect the registered provision name.

Please be aware if you email the form back to us that we do not have secure email.

Change of Circumstance    Opens new window

IDACI Postcode Check

The Income Deprivation Affecting Children Indices (IDACI) score for any postcode can be found on the DfE IDACI website.

Enter a postcode or multiple postcodes (on separate lines) in the box on this website and click 'Get Deprivation Data'.

This will give you two files - choose the Excel (XLSX) format. The rank of IDACI (Column W) is the element that will be used to calculate the Deprivation Payment for each child’s postcode.

The table shows the monetary value that will be assigned to each rank of IDACI values:

IDACI Rank FromIDACI Rank ToDeprivation Rate Per Hour
197448 pence
9745227374 pence

An IDACI Rank of more than 22737 will not receive a monetary value.

Registering to provide FEEE for the first time

Any Ofsted registered childcare provider can apply to  access the Free Early Education Entitlement funding for 3 and 4 year old children in their setting.

If you are registered with Oftsed but have not yet received your first inspection, you are eligible to support 2, 3, and 4 year old funded children.  If you are a childminder registered with a childminding agency you will also need to achieve at least a good rating to support 2, 3 and 4 year olds, and at least an R1 rating if you only wish to offer the 3 and 4 year old funding.

Flowchart: for providers interested in FEEE

Once you are registered with us you will become a member of Leicestershire's Directory of Early Years Providers. There are certain expectations and requirements for you to complete on a termly basis, so we encourage you to apply as and when the demand arises.

If you are wish to provide the FEEE funding please read the FEEE Toolkit and complete the application form to register.

FEEE Toolkit   Opens new window

FEEE Registration Application Form   

Opens new window

FEEE good practice

Resources to support Leicestershire's providers to deliver the Free Early Education Entitlement.

FEEE leaflet for parents    Opens new window

Example non attendance log sheet    Opens new window

FEEE poster - Tax-free childcare    Opens new window

FEEE poster - Help with childcare    Opens new window

Opens new window

Top things providers need to know about Tax-Free Childcare    Opens new window

Parent postcard    Opens new window

Parent poster    Opens new window

30 Hours reminder posters    Opens new window


AnyComms+ is a secure file transfer system which enables childcare providers to submit headcount and mid-term adjustment forms to claim for their FEEE funding as well as accessing information from the local authority.

Anycomms+ also allows providers to send information to the local authority safely and securely. It will also allow providers to send files to each other, and to schools, and to other AnyComms+ users (e.g. Health, SENA).

Accessing AnyComms+

Log in to the Leicestershire County Council Secure File Transfer site and follow the user guide which gives full details on how to use the system.

AnyComms+ User Guide

In order to receive a password and memorable word reset please phone 0116 305 7423.

Provider Portal

By using the Provider Portal, settings can

  • Support parents by completing an assisted 2 year old check
  • Validate the 30 hours DERN codes
  • Submit headcount information and adjustment information (including parental details, which will allow us to confirm eligibility for EYPP on your behalf)
  • Submit a DAF application 
  • Access your initial and final payment notices

You will be able to submit children’s information multiple times, so making the system more flexible in line with requests from parents or if you notice any mistakes during the open period, these can be rectified and then the headcount task resubmitted. 

Additionally you will be able to view previously submitted tasks – allowing you to marry up payments with claims far more easily.

User guides are available via the ‘About’ section in the provider portal which will support you in completing the headcount task as well as the other elements listed above. Please ensure you read the guide thoroughly prior to completing your headcount task.

FEEE Fair Processing

Full details on how we collect, store, protect and share information can be found on our data protection and privacy page.  Providers and parents can view the Children and Family Services Education Fair Processing Notice and request personal information by completing an online form.

FEEE policies

Removal of FEEE funding    Opens new window

Appeals procedure for removal of FEEE funding    Opens new window

Complaints procedure for parents and providers    Opens new window

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