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  • Pedestrian Music Course - Day 4 

    This morning we had a recap on where everyone is at with their tracks, as well as what we did the previous day.
  • Pedestrian Music Course - Day 3 

    We started the day with warm up activities that involved using symbols to create body sounds and movements.
  • Get your hands on a copy of the Superheroes! book 

    The VS Superheroes! book is now available to buy online.
  • Pedestrian Music Course - Day 2 

    Shay started us all off with a warm up, playing a game he named Jelly Wobbly Circle to get everyone moving and shake off that last bit of sleepiness.
  • Pedestrian Music Course 2019 - Day 1 

    The Pedestrian Music course kicks off today with a group of eager young people ready to get their musical creativity flowing.
  • Superheroes! book launch Pt 2 

    The launch of the Leicestershire Virtual School’s book “Superheroes!” took place on Tuesday 8 October at the Sue Townsend theatre in Leicester. The event was sponsored by Leicestershire Cares and Checkprint, Hinckley.
  • Superheroes! book launch 

    The Leicestershire Virtual School creative writing project culminates tomorrow with the launch at the Sue Townsend Theatre of the “Superheroes!” book written by Leicestershire’s children in care.
  • Alton Towers Big Day Out 

  • Forest Schools 

  • Grease the Musical 

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